About Us

With over $10 Million of consulting services delivered, primarily in the Aerospace industry, NetLander is ready to support  in accomplishing the most challenging goals and complex projects.

Business Consulting Services can help a client that has a desire to gain entry into the Aerospace Industry. They can also help a client in another industry apply processes, advice, and lessons learned from the Aerospace industry to help improve the quality of their process and thereby reap cost cutting benefits through efficiency and elimination of waste.

Outsourced IT Support Services allow the client to have a cost effective manner for having an IT Support Services team in place with a smooth operation working within the client’s policies and processes to deliver capabilities on time and on budget with open communication and reporting of plans, accomplishments, issues, risk, schedule and cost along the way in order to guarantee the team’s success.

Project Management Services allow the client to bring in outside support to help deliver their most difficult projects. They can use this expert Project Management support for only the time they need it. It might be through obtaining funding, through testing, through deployment, through closing etc. Once the client is satisfied and feels comfortable with where they are at on the project, they can redeploy the resource on another tough project coming down the pike, or release the resource. NetLander can also serve as advisor to a Project Management Office (PMO) to help them put in place the systems, processes, and reporting needed to help strengthen their organization and the overall organization’s chance of project successes.