Business Consulting

Business Development

NetLander works with a client to understand their goals and desires and crafts a strategy to help attain them.  NetLander can be engaged to in a collaborative manner identify, track, pursue and win Aerospace contracts.   We can provide support in the following manners:

  • Introduction to key points of contact
  • Company positioning and strategic business initiatives to posture for opportunities
  • Identification of Opportunities
  • Capture Initiative Support
  • Proposal Team Support
  • Red Team Support

Business Process Development

NetLander works with a client and their team to find out what is working well and where they are having problems within their organization.  NetLander reviews existing documentation and interviews selected team members in a minimal interference manner to gain a full comprehension of the system and the circumstances.  NetLander then works with the team in a collaborative environment to ensure that key processes are documented to reflect how they currently operate, and then improvements are made, keeping in mind that any improvement on paper must actually be achievable and receive team buy in to be worth while.  The results are documented in Operating Plans and Processes so that everyone is on the same page, operation by folklore is minimized, and great training materials exist for new hires and other stakeholders.