Outsourced IT Support Services

NetLander works with the client to understand the scope of work and team they would like to assemble to support their mission from and Outsourced IT Support Services standpoint.  NetLander assembles a team, be it through a Capture Program, external recruiting or current NetLander team members to deliver the support requested.  We can do this as part of a multi-contractor support team, or as a stand-alone contract with NetLander.  We can also assemble Subject Matter Experts as subcontractors to NetLander if necessary to meet the client’s needs.

Once assembled, we provide a strong team with low turnover.  This is due to our strong benefits package, recruiting to find the right fit and the processes and respect we have in place for all team members.

We work with the client to ensure that team members are performing successfully in all areas, and we move quickly to make adjustments, changes or improvements if necessary.

Our Outsourced IT Support Services include IT Security, IT Business Office Support, Application Services and Software Development, IT Project Management, Asset Management, Configuration Management, Software Quality Assurance and Desktop Support Services.

We also provide the capability to bring on IT Subject Matter expertise to support Strategy, Design Reviews, and Testing on an as needed basis to give your team the Independent Insight required to ensure you deliver the best possible solutions for your team.

We have a strong expertise in working with systems with high real-time data rates and historical data recording, retrieval and analysis.