Process Analysis & Development

In today’s environment, organizations seek ways to improve operations and/or efficiency. This can be done in a variety of ways, but one method is to identify a repetitive series of steps that lead to a desired outcome, or a process. Such processes are integral to optimal functioning.

When necessary, NetLander evaluates a project to identify areas of weakness and barriers to success. Using this analysis, NetLander defines the most effective approach to accomplish the project on time and budget. This process development serves as an essential foundation in providing a proven, logical routine to achieve success. Once a process is solidified, the organization must be diligent in assessing performance. This data will dictate whether future changes to the process are necessary.

“We have a client with a very complex warehouse and store operation that spans the globe.  This mid-sized company has experienced significant growth and understood the great need to bring their IT Systems and processes together in a cohesive fashion.  There business is one where a 20 cent error on a product can grow into millions of dollars due to volume.  We brought NetLander on to the team so that they could apply the same values and processes applied to Manned Space, where there is no room for error, to our clients processes and systems.  The client brought in key team members from around the world for the initial discovery sessions.  We all worked hand in hand and delivered processes and system improvements that have provided the client with not only ROI, but also peace of mind.  The client was so impressed that they have also brought us into their parent company to perform similar work.  NetLander is a great teammate, who we trust to deliver success for us and our clients.”

Roger Fitzwilson
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)