Project Management

With experience across sectors and expertise stretching across many different markets, project management is the flagship service at NetLander. Our project management formula incudes planning and organizing a project while managing and monitoring resources – all geared towards meeting specific project objectives.

Managing over $100 million in projects for our clients, NetLander has the experience and capability to successfully lead projects through to completion while working within time, scope, and budget constraints.

While all projects benefit from specialized project management, NetLander places highlighted focus on four vertical markets – medical technology, aerospace/defense, security and information technology.

NetLander staff holds advanced degrees and certifications to apply our streamlined project management process to ensure a harmonious partnership between NetLander and our clients. NetLander project managers are empowered decisive leaders that can provide support and develop solutions when time and accuracy are of the utmost importance. Our team operates without ego and places project success above individual ambitions to align with our client’s corporate benefits.

“NetLander is a great teammate!  They always exceed expectations in our business development pursuits and in satisfying our customer requirements.  They have been instrumental in improving our customer references.”

John L. Horan, Jr.
Technical Applications Unlimited, Inc.