Systems Engineering

Complexity drives the need for systems engineering in large-scale projects. NetLander strives to bridge the gap between varying resources and requirements in such multifaceted projects. We bring together different staff teams, end-users, infrastructure, and technology seamlessly.

At NetLander, we specialize in determining how complex engineering projects are created and managed over the life cycle of the project. Our experienced systems engineering takes a comprehensive look at a project to offer a cohesive and uniform strategy for all process, resources and personnel.

From identifying the challenge and understanding our client’s needs, NetLander digs deep to investigate options in system development. NetLander conducts in-depth analyses prior to implementation and works to properly integrate all system elements. Following deployment, NetLander often remains engaged to assess system performance and hone outcome.

Interestingly, the origins of systems engineering come from needs in the Department of Defense and NASA. NetLander has built a portfolio of systems engineering knowledge working directly with NASA on complex, mission critical projects and programs.