Systems Integration

As technology advances, organizations must keep pace and maintain organizational operations. From data storage to enterprise architecture, organizations must depend on interoperability of many different hardware and software systems to run simultaneously and seamlessly. Unfortunately, this does not always happen and introducing a new system or updating an old one can easily disrupt the flow of information.

No matter how complex, NetLander’s IT systems integration specialists can get your system running smoothly as one, cohesive unit. Our experts are skilled in merging your software, hardware, interface protocols and network assets to turn your dated, legacy systems into an efficient, functioning resource. As seasoned project managers, NetLander regularly integrates people, processes and technology. We leverage those skills and experience to bring together divergent technology, infrastructure and tools for outstanding system integration.

Also, our expertise in information technology security allows NetLander to provide clients with ultra secure systems with emergency backup measures in place should disaster strike, or system failure take place.

“While working on a very important DoD project for Lockheed-Martin in Marietta, Georgia we found ourselves needing some IT help.  The project in question is the F-22 Raptor Fighter Plane. The most advanced jet fighter in service to date.  We urgently needed some specialized IT Subject Matter Expertise, and we needed team members that could come up to speed in a hurry in order to keep the project on schedule for our client.  We brought NetLander on to our team as a subcontractor, and working with our excellent team, we pulled it off together achieving project success on schedule and within budget for our client.”

-Al Menendez
Space Coast Information Systems (SCIS)