C3 SE&I Ground Integration Engineer II

Title: C3 SE&I Ground Integration Engineer II

Primary Responsibilities:

Function as the System Integration & Interface Ground Integration Engineer (GIE) within the Interface Management Group. Primary focus will be on the EM-2 interfaces. Provide requirements management, ground integration, and engineering support for C3 subsystems to meet GSDO requirements and needs.

This position is responsible for IRD/ICD for the interfaces and emulators assigned along with associated change requests.

The core functions for SEI&T are: GSDO policies, processes and procedural management, Ensure SE&I best practices are implemented throughout program lifecycle, Technical & Requirement Management & Integration (including verification, validation, and interfaces), Technical assessment / Trade Studies, Technical management/reporting/integration, Support development of test strategy, and requirements closure

Primary duties will be focused on tracking of Program level requirements development, satisfaction, and closure and ensuring that all Program level requirements for this subsystem are being met.

Specific tasks include the following:

  1. Perform or support trade studies and assessments.
  2. Perform C3 requirement development, integration, traceability, and closure. Ensure requirements are properly documented and linked in the requirements database. Ensure verification and validation (V&V) planning is sufficient for closure of requirements.
  3. Ensure ICD requirements are accurate and properly allocated to the appropriate C3 subsystems and properly documented and linked in the requirements database.
  4. Attend IRD/ICD and Emulator Working groups and related meetings with interface personnel
  5. Update and support modifications to BSHEALS/BDEALS interdependencies as necessary. Integrate with cross-cutting GIEs to communicate possible requirement changes and impact assessments and coordinate with the appropriate IPTs, effected GIEs and the implementing organization.
  6. Lead technical issue resolution related to C3 subsystems and ensure integrated solution with the other GSDO Elements.
  7. Provide technical integration of C3 subsystems with the other Elements of GSDO.
  8. Lead and support document reviews as Change Package Engineer on Program and C3 documentation updates.
  1. Provide support to Verification and Validation planning, Verification Status Reviews (VSR) and Design Certification Reviews (DCR). Participate in meetings, pertinent to C3, which address cross program interfaces, requirements, and verification/validation with a focus on the Block 1B vehicle configuration being planned for the EM-2 mission.
  1. Verify C3/SLS and C3/Orion interfaces, requirements, and verification/validation plans remain synchronized
  2. Develop and present reports/presentations for management review
  3. Participate in meetings (regularly scheduled and special topics) which address cross program interfaces, requirements, and verification/validation plans.
  4. Participate in the development and review of cross program schedules and verification/validation plans.
  1. Identify disconnects between programs and elevate to proper level based on interfaces and interdependencies to initiate resolution. Engage appropriate technical experts to participate as required. This can range from formal to informal technical assessment requests.
  2. Attend software priority and delivery discussions for interface requirements.
  3. Understand joint test planning and procedures

Knowledge Areas needed

  1. Understanding of complex computing architecture and the derivation of program level requirements into use cases to support software development teams and test personnel.
  2. Experience working in the development of a command and control system that supports: real-time control of hazards, ground systems, or launch operations.
  3. Familiarity with the software development life cycle on government programs and mapping it to an Agile development process
  4. Experience in software architecture development, systems engineering, operations concept development, and verification/validation of a command and control system
  5. Systems engineering experience on a large government software development contract
  6. Knowledge of the vehicle configuration for the EM-2 mission including the Exploration Upper Stage, (EUS) impacts to the systems being installed for the EM-1 mission.


Engineer II – 4 to 10 years of related experience with C3, IT, and requirements. This is considered a journeyman level engineering position. Responsibilities may include designing and developing plans, processes, procedures, functional and data requirements analysis, system analysis, and documentation preparation for complex systems. May be required to provide guidance to less experienced engineers.



Engineer II – BS Degree in an engineering or science field