NASA Central Fire Monitoring System (CFMS)

The Situation

In any organization large or small, protecting employees and equipment must be a top priority.  One of the largest threats to any organization is fire.  It is imperative that top-notch technology is in place to shield and monitor people and property with optimal reliability.  NASA is no exception.

With technology increasing at a startling rate, even the most advanced systems become antiquated.  In NASA’s case, out-of-date protective systems could put equipment and lives at risk.  After a detailed inspection, the Kennedy Space Center (KSC) facilities team determined that their current fire monitoring system had become obsolete and was in need of an upgrade.

With this legacy life safety system in serious need of an upgrade at NASA-KSC in Cape Canaveral, Florida, NetLander was entrusted to utilize its project management expertise to complete this critical requirement.  This project would require NetLander to facilitate complete synchronization between KSC facilities department and KSC Information Technology department in order to achieve success.

  • The CFMS project budget was in the $6 million range, plus annual maintenance fees.

The Challenges

  • Achieve the overall goal to create redundancy by adding a backup system to run underneath a new CFMS system.
  • Review and fine-tune all project requirements and create documents to outline vendor requirements.
  • Install new, standardized Central Radio Monitoring System at three separate facilities:
    • Launch Control Center (LCC)
    • Central Instrumentation Facility (CIF)
    • Fire Alarm Shop
  • Transition the KSC Industrial Area buildings to the new CRMS seamlessly.
  • Remove existing obsolete CRMS
  • Provide IT project management discipline to the project when facilities department provided project resources.
  • Bridge any philosophical gaps between KSC facilities and IT departments and facilitate open communication between the two groups.

The Solution & Results

  • NetLander worked with stakeholders, IT management and management from to improve communication between facilities and IT.
  • NetLander completed all task orders, statements of work and a technical evaluation. NetLander began weekly IPT meetings in order to expedite the completion of 7120.7 project life cycles requirements in order to align with the facilities status.
  • Improved communication between the NASA-KSC facilities and IT departments has allowed NASA IT to align with the facilities department within 4 months regarding Life Cycle Project Planning.
  • As an ongoing project, NetLander’s project management expertise allowed for an effective upgrade of obsolete and potentially risky fire notification system. Further, the process established a true back-up system ensuring system reliability and disaster recovery. The final CRMS system includes a wireless mesh network for reporting.
  • Currently, the new CFMS equipment has been installed and awaiting Operational Readiness Review (ORR) to meet safety and technical standards.  When the new system passes this review, KSC IT will be given control of the project and the new system will go live.

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